Who we are

Ventserve  is a 23 year old locally based company which is situated in Witbank, Mpumalanga. We are a fully BBBEE entity currently operating throughout the Southern Africa region in the cool, metalliferous and construction sectors. Since the founding of the company in March 1991, Ventserve has been a name synonymous with ventilation.

The company has grown substantially and, due the increased demand expanded its activities to the supply of products regarding safety, health, dust suppression, manufacturing and construction etc.


  • Safety first.
  • A multi-skilled work force.
  • Establish effective communication and sound relationships with our customers.
  • Creating customer values.
  • Ability to adapt to our customer needs.
  • Investment in long term contracts.

Company Contact

Greg Coulson

Cell:  0824931209

Email:  greg@ventserve.co.za

Product Development

Throughout Collaboration  with a range of specialist fluid, dynamics, engineers and fabrication specialists. Ventserve develops technologically advanced systems. The design emphasis lies on EHS, reduced running cost and a reduction in power consumption.


Product Development

  • Dust extraction & ventilation systems (Workshops, factories and plants.)
  • Bag houses and cyclones supply and installation
  • Auxiliary and jet fans
  • Onboard dust scrubber systems
  • LHD (Load Haul Dumper) rebuilds & repairs
  • Trickle dusters and stonedusters
  • Continuous miner booster pumps
  • Reverse flushing filters
  • Venturi spray fan systems
  • Plant dust suppression systems
  • Dueting (Galvanised & flexible)
  • Surface roadway and stockpile dust suppression systems
  • Washbays and water sprayer systems
  • Fume extraction systems
  • Lagging and cladding services
  • Surveys
  • Field services
  • Repairs & refurbishment
  • Training

We are proud to work with

Anglo Coal Mines
BHP Billiton
Xtrata Coal Mines
Secunda Coal Mines
Joy Mining Machinery

Line of Business Operations

  • Ventserve specializes in both dust extraction, dust suppression and ventilation
  • equipment.
  • Supply new innovative range of Dust Extractors to the industry. Range differs
  • from 4.5m3 /sec upwards.
  • Manufacturing and repairing whole range of fans.
  • Repair on and off board dust suppression equipment.
  • Supply booster pumps.
  • Supply filter panels for dust extractors.
  • Supply continuous miners spray blocks and Venturi-spray systems.
  • Range of flushing water filters ranging from 50-600 microns.
  • Reverse pulse spray systems for dust suppression in mining and other industries.
  • Dust suppression at conveyor belt transfer points and coal storage bins.
  • Surveys and maintenance on dust suppression equipment. (Problem Areas)
  • Manufacture Stone dusters as well as Trickle stone dusters.
  • Supply whole range of flow meters and measuring equipment.
  • Construction.
  • PPE.
  • Hydraulic lifting equipment.
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder Repairs.
  • Machine work.
  • Fabrication.
  • Repair and manufacture transfer chutes.
  • Supply screens.
  • Manufacture Belt Drives, Tail Ends, Pulleys and Belt Structures.
  • Manufacture Waiting Places.
  • Manufacture Maintenance Cars.
  • Spiral Ducting.